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 2021 Event Photos - Frankfort Car Club
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2021 Trunk or Treat


2021 FCC Picnic

As planned, FCC held its club picnic on Saturday Sept. 19 at Wayne Lucht’s man cave/shop . Wayne had the shop ready to go with several of his collector cars out front on display to make way for the tables & chairs, and the A/C cranked down to a cool 69 degrees.

Although the turnout was small, the food table wasn’t and held many varieties of tasty tidbits for everybody's dining pleasure. A surprise treat was Wayne’s neighbor who brought a plank of salmon that was, shall we say, well received. 

Many thanks to those who came, and especially to Wayne for being the host with the most! 

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 2021 Fall Fest Parade & Car Display


As in the past, FCC participated in this year’s Frankfort Fall Fest parade and presented our own Car Display on Elwood Street. 

Sunday of the fest was just perfect weather wise and the crowds showed it. 

First arrival for the morning was Karen O’Conner’s bright red ‘63 Nova convertible which anchored the east end of our display. In fairly short order the Claypools arrived in the ‘79 Renault Le Car, Ray Levy’s ‘56 Corvette, Paul & Debbie Dybinski’s ‘65 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, Joe & Ma Tanzillo in the Ford F1 stake bed pick up, Carl Schwartz’s ’68 Dodge Charger, Dave & Kristen in the Studebaker pick up, Dan & Penny Colyer in the ’48 Lincoln, and Chuck & Sharon Ravetto in the 93 Corvette. Just before some of us headed out for the parade line up, a 1914 Ford T arrived, owned by my new neighbors Keith & Michelle Nelson. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of them plus Keith’s ’60 Corvette at future club events. 

The Parade portion of the event went well with FCC being close to the start, so we were rolling only about 6 minutes after kick off. Dennis Heywood joined us there in his Ford Fire truck as did Dino Deluca in his bright yellow Corvette and Tommy Doyle in his Mustang. With the Studebaker pick up, Ford F1 flatbed, and the Le Car from the car display, we had nice mix of vehicles to show off to the many hundreds of spectators lining the streets. And then there was Jerry Warning…who snuck into the parade just as we passed his street, and exited the same way when we passed it again at the northern end on the way out; Jerry’s ‘36 Ford is always a great looker. 

And leading the entire parade was our own Paul & Dybinski in his ‘65 Eldorado. It seems that the local new car dealers had no inventory of convertibles for the task, so the Frankfort Chamber had asked us earlier if we knew of a car that could carry the parade Grand Marshall – Former mayor Jim Holland and wife Stacy (who are also FCC members). I immediately thought of Pauls’ Caddy, being not only in concours condition but GM’s most prestigious car built that year. Paul readily agreed, and we came up with a ‘parade platform’ for the rear seat so Jim & Stacy could ride comfortably – and visibly- for all to see.

After the parade, most of the cars & trucks returned to our display area where we had a steady stream of visitors for rest of the afternoon. It was both great fun & exposure for the club. Thanks to all who participated or just came by to say hi!




07/26/21 Cruisin' Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort




07/19/21 Cruisin' Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort



07/05/21 Cruisin' Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort



6/21/21 Cruisin' Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort




6/15/21 Cruisin' Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort

2021 Senior Home Cruise




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